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План-конспект уроку "Food"


 T: Welcome to everyone present here.

Today we have got a demonstrative lesson. I would like to conduct this lesson in a form of a round-table discussion. Imagine that all of you are food experts. You have special badges stuck to the desks. I want you to show how skillful and smart you are to develop the idea of our discussion properly. At our lesson we will try to broaden and to summerise our knowledge about food, its use and importance. We will try to combine both work and pleasure. Pupils, feel free and do all your best to gain our aim. The subject of our lesson is Food is…(and dots). That means that during our lesson we will define what food is for us.


Матеріал для проведення уроку підготувала:

Хорхолюк Лариса Василівна, вчителька Рівненської гуманітарної гімназії